Sunday, April 3, 2016

Five Arguments Make Come to Star Island

Lately I'm so travelers and traveler who is less ambitious. Penginnya roads into areas that do not necessarily hard-earned bring big bags se gadang hours, penginnya not climb aboard a foul mouth generally dijatohin fleas from above, and penginnya who once paid immediately cuss. Understandably, U. Duit factor. You know. Yes the point I want to reply cepet and not use long, then in early August Put out I & many chum ngetrip to Star Island, Seribu Islands. This trip and simultaneously farewell trip for our colleagues who can Nikka S2 outside the city, is Sentul. Yes keleeuus outside kotaaaa. Eh but weve outside pan huh? Paaaan. Th first, Star Island has had me sambangi, but the soul is like a month and Tukul pungguk miss that misses Luna Maya. To basically miss deh to this beautiful island again that jatohnya remain "resort" and not a snot-gember Bener.

The proof wrote her room there is air conditioning, the water in the bathroom there aer anget, and there is also a kitchen refrigerator. Why am I here again but already had been th first? Here are five basic considerations that so I 1. Photographs always look cool here Photographs Sunnah is obligatory after muakkad. If not, gemana able to spread the beauty of Indonesia? * Tserrr * and somehow entirely the result I saucy photo here. Even more saucy than that motto. The sand is white mouth, twigs of trees that create the photograph looked lively, until the water is blue reply Tosca, entirely subject who are able to forge a unity called: Elegant. Prompts photographs on Star Island? Berfotolah matching sunset side of the island in the sector which contours sloping beaches, and photographs of mismatched morning swim in the same room. Sunset Island Stars 2. The place is kid friendly child friendly alias Why am I able to say that? One, because we play indoor beach that was passable ramps and not inside. Two, no motorized vehicles that used to ply. And three, I think no animal like the dog that chased the hunt and make a child falls then there secon thigh injury which is able to able to make himself the trauma of a lifetime dog * Estella dikit be yes kakaak *. Nikka and ponakan 3. Staying resort, but unsurpassable expensive if compared with other Iyalah Pulau Putri, Pulau Pantara, and Maung Island, Star Island remains jaoh cheaper.

The more so if contrary to his own yes, itungannya remain dapet deh 500-600 thousand per person. Try to distinguish the king of the jungle island of its night packages which can be up to 2 million rupiah per person. Hamsyong our people! Yes weve there is no way the price, for example, just space boboknya ndak secakep antecedent Pantara Island. But what the heck you are searching for? Happiness in the Hereafter he? Being need not be exceeded in the chase worldly ngoyo lah. Star Island lodging 4. Not crowded and bustling Occupancy who prepared only 4-5 pieces, which occupied a maximum of 10 people per unit. I do not have time to get there and crowded island anew * 2 times too *. It make us become more calm and more lightly if want to contemplation. * Why was the contemplation daaah * Sepiii 5. The distance is relatively close to the How to stay in the Thousand Islands ya bro, jatohnya it remains Jakarta. Kalo of Muara Angke that smells like you who do not shower a month and a half, hop aboard a motorcycle taxi for 40,000 Rupiah to Harapanyang Island will be reached while 3 hours. First of Ideals Island Further along rented boat to the island along Bintang when a travel approximately 30 minutes. The more so if the boat ride from Marina Ancol Marina body lotion * not *, certainly much faster endes State Intelligence Agency. But yes mihil. The gang was five arguments why I did not make the problem go back to Star Island. Some have already had to Star Island and other related NESS impression this island? Do not hesitate make comments here yes. Happy traveling!